How I Made Over $79,000 In Sales in 7 Days

​Ready to start profiting from your online efforts? 

​What if I told you that you don't need a product? 

Don't need a big list?

​Plus, you don't have to be a big name guru. 

Sound good? 

Ok, let's go. 

This is how I generated over $79,000 in sales in 7 days without a big email list and with no one knowing who in the world I was.

Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like being a commissioned salesperson. 

You send traffic to a vender and when you make a sale you get paid. 

Previously, I'd made very little money. 

I'd tried selling my own products.

I'd tried building a list.

Something clicked and all the pieces came together that led me to not only getting big commissions, but also learning a skill that would change my world forever.

This case study is how I pulled it all off. 

The Phone Call That Changed Everything...

As I stated, I tried building a list and even had a real estate investing product out teaching people how to buy houses with no credit then selling on eBay. 

I had setup a blog and was posting pretty frequently but didn't really have a clue as to what I was doing. 

One day, I get an email from a stranger by the name of Mitch. 

He wanted to connect to see if I'd be open to doing a JV with another real estate guy. 

But, I'm a Nobody...

That's exactly what I thought. 

I'm a nobody. 

I don't have an email list. 

I don't bring anything to the table. 

So, I hang up the phone thinking it was all a waste of time. 

One thing Mitch told me though was he thought I'd benefit from connecting with some other guys in the Real Estate space. 

They were doing big things and they'd formed a JV group for their product launches.

Big Ticket Product Launches = Big Commissions

Again, I was convinced I was a nobody. 

That everyone else was so much further along with their careers. 

I assumed they were all assholes with...

Big lists. 

Big products. 

Super Expensive coaching packages. 

However, I'd promote just to see what happens.

So, I start with the traditional...

Pre-launch Content to warm the audience up

If you've been doing this online thing for a while, you know you'll have anywhere from 3 days up to a couple of weeks of just pre-launch content. 

This is just to wet the whistle. 

While getting potential customers excited about the product that's rolling out. 

For each new video or money magnet that was getting released, I'd write a blog post about it. 

And mail my very, very small list about it. 

For example, let's assume the pre-launch content was a free video titled - The Tummy Blaster 3000. 

I'd watch the video, then make a blog posts about the free piece of content. 

Since there was 3-4 pre-launch items, I wrote out a blog posts for each item. 

This is something I see very few people doing but will give you more creditability with your readers but also will boost your rankings because you're pushing out more content.

Finally, launch day is upon us. 

As soon, as the cart is turned on, I see...

Cha-Ching.  You Just Made a Sale

I ended up getting several of these over the course of the next week. 

Once the launch wrapped up, they sent out the final leaderboard. 

My name is in the top 20 right below real estate legend Ron Legrand. 

It was the biggest pop I'd seen since I'd started this online deal. 

Which is what ultimately led to this $79K campaign in 7 days that I'll touch on a little later.

After I'd gotten a taste, I wanted more. 

Here's why this worked so well

At first, I thought this was due to my small email list. 

I realized later on this was a direct result of my SEO. 

I'd ranked # 1 for all of the following...

  • The name of the product
  • The name of the product + review and reviews
  • The name of the product + the name of the author
  • All of the pre-launch materials. 

Again, this is some of the first real success I'd seen as an online marketer. 

Here's what I learned...

That marketers will push products without knowing much about the products themselves and without testing.  

They'll grab what's called an Email Swipe and just blast their email list. 

That means that most participating in the launch hammers their list with the same exact emails. 

The emails look something like this...

Hey, my good friend just decided to roll out XYZ. You should grab it now before it expires. The world is gonna end if you don't.   Go go go...

If you're on a number of list, you've seen this first hand. 

Each email looks identical. 

Last week, I even saw a swipe email being used by a pretty big name and he forgot to change out the sign off to include his name. 

That's when...

Potential Customers turn to Google

Searching for more information about what they're being emailed about.

It can be for a more in depth review. 

Many will often look for the best price or even a bonus.

Because the one sending the emails didn't close the deal with a swipe email. 

That's where I came in.

I reviewed everything and gave a look behind closed doors at what they were getting.

And when those people turned to Google.

I was there front and center.


Refining My Methods

After I had this success from this launch, I refined what I was doing. 

I'd learned a lot.

And was starting to learn more about SEO. 

I took a big white board out and mapped out the next several launches that I'd participate in. 

I'd buy 3-5 domains for each launch. 

Plus, I'd reserve the names for as many social media accounts that I could. 

The domains were mostly partial match domains that looked something like this...

The Social Media Accounts would look something like this...

$79K in 7 Days and Top 5 on the Leaderboard

I should preface this by saying - not all of these launches are like this. 

Some completely bomb. 

And I didn't walk away with $79K - that was total sales.

I was an affiliate that got 50% plus there was some refunds that come out.  

Still - this was a huge success that made me a ton of money and landed me on the launch leaderboard.

I took all of the domains that I had bought.

I treated each like it was it's own independent site adding unique content, creating videos and linking to each of the websites as well as linking to the web 2 sites and videos. 

Then I did something different. 

All of the domains I had in my arsenal, I started creating post on them as well linking to my new websites and web 2 properties.

I even linked to these domains as well.  

The result...

8 Spots in the Top 10 of Google

I not only ranked # 1 but took up 8 spots in Google. 

I outranked the product creator for their own launch.

And I did all from different websites, web 2 sites, and Youtube videos.

Now, this method is known as Launch Jacking. 

Before I started this.

No one knew me. 

It's what helped put me on the map and why you're reading this post.

I've won all kinds of prizes, cash, and even have residual income from launches. 

It's still effective and it works well for all kinds of products, not just launches. 

You can apply this to any of the following...

  • check
    Amazon products
  • check
    Information based products on Clickbank
  • check
    CPA products
  • check
    Software products
  • check
    Evergreen services
  • check
    Anyone that has an affiliate program

Staying Safe

Over the years, I've refined my techniques a bit. 

It works even better.

I've stopped buying domains and using web 2 with the product name included. 

The reason is some product creators get their feelings hurt when you buy their product name or reserve their twitter handle. 

I had a friend that lost $30K recurring all because he used a product name as a twitter username.  

So, just stay safe and use some common sense on this. 

Want to see how this all works?

Want to get a behind the scenes look at what I'm doing now? 

I put together a webinar showing you how I put it all together.  You can signup here or click the link below for the Next Level Webinar training.

I'll show you exactly what I'm doing now and how I'm gaining rankings for myself as well as for my clients.

How I Made Over $79,000 In Sales in 7 Days with Affiliate Marketing
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How I Made Over $79,000 In Sales in 7 Days with Affiliate Marketing
This is a case study of an affiliate marketing campaign that generated over $79,000 in sales.
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