How Businesses Destroy Their Own Reputation Management Strategy

I can hear you already... 

Not me. 

That's impossible that I could hurt my own brand's reputation in the search engines. 

Well, if you or your team is guilty of what's covered in this video, then you may very well be hurting your own reputation management strategy making it harder than ever on your SEO team.

Watch below... 

Here's what will often happen...

Seller of a product or service or business owner wants to check their brand name and do a search...

What do you think they're looking for? 

All the bad stuff - right?

So they will look for the review, reviews, scam, or anything like that to see what’s up.

By searching, finding the bad, and clicking you’re actually signaling to Google that this is what you were looking for in the beginning!

Then you stick around for a few minutes reading all the nasty things they’ve said about your company or product. 

This tells google you sought out and found what you’re looking for.

See, Google is tracking all of this and it doesn’t take many clicks to start seeing stuff get a bump in the search engines from these searches and clicks.

So first of all... 

Implement my DNFC Rule....

Do Not F**king Click!

I’m serious.

Stop it.

If you see something show up on your brand name or product

​You'll want to make 1 statement and 1 statement only.

Here’s a sample of what to say…

"Hey guys Derek here from your RankGold and we take this very seriously.

We did have a period where we experienced some serious growth and I apologize if we looked over your request.

We are more than committed and happy to take care of you and want to better serve this community.

If you need help contact us at your 

Reach our support at your support link.

Our twitter handle is here.

And our Facebook page is here.

Send us a message on one of these outlets and I’ll be sure we take care of you. 

Due to the fact we can’t manage this thread, this will be the last post we make here and ask the moderators to close this thread.


Your name. 

...End of Post"  

Now, once you do that

You don’t make another reply.

Here’s why and this is just as important as anything else I’ve mentioned here.

For starters you just mentioned all your important links in the post which gives more juice to your site and your social properties. (That's a good thing) 

More importantly.

Everytime you leave a comment it signals to the bots that there’s been an update to the page sending bots back to crawl the page again.

Making the page look hyper-active.

Plus, And this HUGE.

Remember how we were talking about traffic to pages helped search in the video?

Well many of these complaint type websites are built on forum software platforms.

Everytime you leave a comment or reply, there’s an email on its way to anyone that has subscribed to the forum thread or made a previous reply.

So automatically the page is getting traffic sent.

Which in turn increases the likelihood the page will rank higher in the search results.

And this increases the likelihood of more comments making it even more active.

Which makes your job or your SEO teams job a helluva lot harder.

Now in closing... 

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