How to Easily Sculpt Link Juice for Even Higher SEO Rankings

​Are you looking to get higher rankings in the search results?

Already know which keywords you'd love to ​take advantage of?

Good, because this guide will show you how to take advantage of hidden assets from domains to boost your rankings in the search results. 

​Who Does this Work For?

​This will work if you're doing affiliate marketing, if you're helping local businesses with their rankings, reputation management or if you have an ecom site. 

Bottom line - Anyone can take advantage of this

Plus, ​it's super safe.

In Part 2 of this guide, I'll show you some more advanced methods to using this (with fancy pictures and everything).

First, let's talk about Link Juice

​What the heck is link juice?

This is the links that are flowing to your website.

​Naturally, you'll have people that link to the home page, however in most cases they're not going to do that.

Think about what's going on with this post.

You probably landed on this from an email, Facebook, or were referred to it from somewhere. 

You weren't referred to this page because you just magically landed on 

Links as well as social shares will hit this individual post making this single page more authoritative with more people that engage, link to it and see it.

(On a side note, I'd highly encourage you to link to this because it's good stuff and good things will happen to you as a result)

You'll find that it looks a little something like this...

And as a result, the more links and shares, it will make this Inner Page more authoritative and link juice will flow to other aspects of the site. 

Including the home page

Which means... 

When you get links to this individual page, it becomes more and more authoritative and increases your ranking power in the search engines overall. 

The Power of the Inner Page

Most people look at their domain as a whole to base their value on what they have.

You'll see people buying domains for a Private Blog Network based on what the root of the domain is (I'll get into that in part 2 of this guide). 

That's where measurements like Majestic's Trust Flow and Ahrefs Domain Ranking come into play since Google's Page Rank is no longer public.

I believe these are the two best services on the market today and recommend you pick one of them to do your analysis.  (I use both daily)

Most ignore where the value is being placed in their domains. 

How do we uncover where the links are going?

Let's look at an example.

Let's look at the site

And find the most powerful links inside both Ahrefs and Majestic.  

​Step # 1: Identify Your Inner, Power Pages.

​Here' we'll dive into the specifics. 

​Both Ahrefs and Majestic have a way to pull our most popular pages. 

​We can sort these based on which has the largest number of links

First, let's dive into Ahrefs.

The first tab we'll look at is the Top Pages.

Here you can see the position, keywords, and even the Referring Domains all from this one screen for the specific url.

Now, let's go deeper and look at the Pages section, then click on Best By Links

Take a look at the example above and you can see there are inner pages, getting more links than the home page. 

And chances are good, you've got an internal page that's getting more links than any of your other pages. 

These are assets you can use to help boost your existing rankings. 

Now let's dive into Majestic to see how to pull the data. 

When you login, simply click the Pages tab and this will list your pages with all the juicy details and you can see Majestic gives each individual page a Trust Flow score

​Step # 2: Capitalize on Your Newly Found Asset

​Let's face it. 

This one page is now an asset. 

​Go to your newly found, power, inner page and plug a link to a page you'd like to rank for.

It's really that simple.

If you're using WordPress, it's as simple as adding a link inside your content, or you could even go one step further and adding a menu link to the sidebar with your most sought after keywords you'd like to rank for. 

Part 2: Advanced SEO Methods 

So far anyone can use what I showed you... 

The next part of this guide is more advanced and reserved for serious SEO'rs. (So if you're a noobie, this isn't for you.)

This is  intended only for those of you that want to gain an edge with your SEO or for your client's SEO. 

If you're ready, then click to continue to part 2. 

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