Part 3: The Rebuild Strategy

I'm going to introduce you to what I call the Rebuild.

Don't you agree - it'd be better if you could either..

A. Rebuild those existing URL's or
B. Redirect those URL's to our existing post

Think about it for a second.

We're looking at our pages to see where the most links are coming in.

Then we rebuild those inner pages or do a 301 redirect those pages to our existing content.

It looks a little something like this...

See the difference?

Instead of letting that link juice get wasted away to a 404 page or sending everything to the home page (which is a huge footprint), we're instead rebuilding the urls or we're redirecting those urls that have existing links and authority to our NEW Pages.

And these New Pages you create can and will rank...

This is easy if you're dealing with 1 or 2 pages - right?

You could just rebuild those couple of pages and you're done.

And use something like a Pretty Links plugin to make a 301 redirect to a new page.

Easy stuff.  

However, if you've read throughout these pages, you understand that's not always that easy.

For example, what if you're dealing with 500, 1000, 2,000 or even more pages?

Take a look at a domain I just bought...

667 inner pages.

Many of which were still indexed in Google.

That's 667 pages still indexed. 

Can you imagine either rebuilding or redirecting 667 pages?

Worse than that - can you imagine buying a domain that has this existing authority and letting 667 pages with existing links go to waste?

But again.

You're here and you're not just needing this for 1 domain. 

You probably already have domains in your arsenal and... 

You're probably trying to buy as many as you possibly can because you understand how effective having your own PBN's are. 

Using this technique, you can even... 

Rank Your PBN Domains Even Faster

It's no secret that we rank our PBN domains. 

We not only use these domains and the Rebuild strategy to maintain as much of the existing authority and link juice as possible but we also use these PBN domains to rank. 

Let me clarify for those that are already asking...

Yes... We rank our money sites while simultaneously ranking our PBN's. 

You should be too. 

The reason this works is you're going after domains that have EXISTING authority. 

You're not having to build anything. 

You're not having to wait to build links or anything like that. 

You're tying into the existing authority using the rebuild strategy and you're able to redirect those urls to your Money Pages. 

We just recently did a case study for our Elite students and here's the results...

The first site we ranked on Page 1 within 1 Day.

The second site we ranked on Page 1 within 4 Days.

Here's what's cool about this case study...

  • check
    I paid a whopping $35 for both domains
  • check
    Neither  domain had anything to do with the niche before I bought them. 
  • check
    The content was only a video and a couple of sentences.

This is the most reliable method to consistently get top rankings while staying in 100% control

Nothing else comes close. 

I've tried all the other tools.

And the shiny objects.

Nothing is as sustainable as using PBN's with this rebuild strategy. 

$35 was my total investment for both of these case study domains. 

The first domain was an auction domain I picked up for $15 plus the $10 registration fee. 

And the second domain was an expired domain I picked up for the $10 registration fee. 

This is a screenshot after just 40 days of using this exact strategy in a completely different market... 

Not too shabby huh? 

What if I told you this is just the money site and that we had additional rankings using simple Youtube videos taking up multiple spots on the first page?


That'd be pretty RAD - right? 

Well, let's dig into some of the good 'ole specifics...

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