The picture you see above describes the complete process I refer to as RAD.

Or Rebuilding Aged Domains. 

There's two RAD strategies we use for this... 

One is rebuilding directly from the Way Back Machine and just using the site for links. 

This accounts for about 10- 20% of our overall sites because let's face it. 

Most of the Way Back Rebuilds are complete shit with missing graphics, broken links and it just doesn't look very nice. 

That's why it's such a small percentage of our rebuilds. 

The other option is using Wordpress. 

This is the best option because our links get found easier, we've seen much better results, and we have several additional options available... 

Here's what we can do in Wordpress

  • check
    Rebuild all of the urls
  • check
    Redirect all of the urls to our new posts (Often you can' rebuild the exact url string, so we send a 301 redirect to the new post url).  In the search engines, it simply looks like the site has had a face lift and updated. 
  • check
    Re-theme our site to our niche and 301 redirect to our pages we're trying to rank. 

As you can imagine, doing this for even a handful of domains would take you all day. 

That's why I had our developer get to work building out a software for myself that allows me to take advantage of this very strategy. 

And I've been using RAD to my advantage for years. 

This isn't the latest, shiny object that I'm going to "pitch" you with a hard sell. 

I'm not even going to show you a demo of the software - how's that for a sales pitch? 

Notice, how I've tried to weed out all the "newbies and lookie loos" in this tutorial?

There's a reason for it. 

For starters, I don't have to worry about how many I sell, because I'm actually using this for my own business (and built it for me to begin with). 

Also, this is considered advanced.

This isn't for noobs... 

That get all hot and bothered by all the shiny objects. 

If that describes you, then what I'm about to offer you isn't for you. 

Instead, I'd suggest getting the proper foundation and training, by joining my Elite Training and Mentorship. (And yes you have to watch the webinar to get an invite.) 

This is for people that really want to get the most from their existing PBN or to build a Private Blog Network that's strong as f**k. 

In other words, you're actually doing shit... 

Already got a solid foundation with your SEO?

Good, then this will help help you.

In any niche or market you go in...

Here's what I've got...

The RAD Special Offer...

Rebuild Aged and Expired Domains In 2 Minutes with our Web Based Software

Using our exclusive web based software, you'll be able to rebuild websites from the Way Back Machine in 2 minutes or less.

You're going to love how easily and quickly you'll be able to rebuild the site the way it was in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Rebuild & Retheme Inside Wordpress

Using our proprietary software that integrates with Wordpress, you'll be able to quickly preserve all the existing link power to get the most from your Aged and Expired Domains.

Using this simple, yet unique strategy, you'll add more power to your PBN domains without doing any more work.  

Just install this simple to use Wordpress software and follow along with the 3 step wizard to keep any of the existing link juice for your Private Blog Network. 


As a Bonus, I'm Going to give My PBN Domain Buyers Training 

You'll be armed with the exact blueprint giving you the know how and the do-how to cherry pick the very best domains that already have existing trust and authority in the Search Engines that you can use for your own sites or to help rank your client's websites.

You'll know exactly what to look for, how to spot hidden gems that no one else will see. 

I've already shown you the formula behind it and now you'll be armed with my own software. 

That includes all of the following...  

  • check
    Web-Based Way Back Rebuilder Software for unlimited rebuilds 
  • check
    The Wordpress Software For Rebuilding and Retheming inside Wordpress
  • check
    The PBN Domain Buyers Training where I show you how we're buying our  PBN domains. 

Sound like a fit for you? 

If so, I'd love to have you on board. 

I'm getting ready to raise the price very soon, so go ahead and request an invite below and I'll send you a private link... 

Derek Pierce

PS: One of the questions I get a lot of is -

"What's the difference in this RAD program and your SEO Elite Training and Mentorship programs?"

Think of it like this, Elite is a full blown, A-Z training and mentoring program where I teach this along with everything else you need to succeed with SEO including niche selection, setting up your PBN's, identifying potential SEO problems as well as getting personal access to me. 

You can see the Ultimate SEO Blueprint webinar for more information on this.

RAD is assuming you already know all of this. 

RAD is both the Way Back software, the Wordpress software and my PBN domain buyers class giving you the ins and outs of what to look for in your acquisitions as well as giving you the ability to get the most from your PBN's. 

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