Part 2: Know What's Behind Closed Doors...

In case you're unaware, I am a former Real Estate investor... 

I'd bought countless houses without even looking at the insides. 

Sometimes it turns out good, sometimes it turned out really, really bad. 

Sometimes, when you opened the door, it's like you'd be opening up Pandora's Box. 

You just never knew what you'd be getting.

That's why I like what I'm going to be showing you today... 

It gives you the ability to see under the hood or what's behind closed doors to get more from your SEO with less guesswork. 

So, if you've made it this far...

Then I'm going to assume that you're one of us "SEO Nerds"

That's good, because what I've discussed up until this point on the previous page is something anyone can use.

But, we're shifting gears now...

The remainder is considered "Advanced SEO" and IS NOT for the general public that may be reading my blog.

I'm going to assume that you know what a link is. 

That you get the idea behind "link juice."

And I'm also going to assume that you understand what a PBN is and... 

More importantly - just how powerful they are in when it comes to ranking your sites.  

I'm not going to waste time trying to get you to see the benefits.

They work and if you don't see it yet, then you're probably not ready for what I'm going to show you. 

And that's ok. 

However, if you're ready to roll, then I'm going to show you...

How to Add Even More Power To Your PBN Domains

This will help you in two ways...

  1. Knowing how to analyze Expired and Auction Domains to uncover valuable domains at lower prices.
  2. Rank your PBN sites.

If you're taking the time to research and invest in domains, you need to get the maximum value out of them. 

And once you see how to take a look under the hood, you'll be able to spot more opportunity and will see faster and even stronger rankings than before.

I'm telling you this because I give a shit. 

First, let's talk about what most people do...

And the Biggest Mistake Made With PBN Domains... 

They analyze the domains.

Then make a bid and buy the domain.

Finally, they throw up a Wordpress install and let it rip.

Let me ask you a question...

What if the bulk of the links are pointed to an inner page?

Have you even looked?

In many cases, the domains had more links pointed to the inner pages than the home page!

Unless, you take the couple of extra steps I'm going to show you, they'll be going to a 404 Error Page.

WTF is right...  

Here's a Bird's Eye View of What's Going On When "Most" Buy a PBN Domain...

As you can clearly see, you're not getting the maximum value from your PBN domains...


Because a lot of your authority links are going straight to an empty 404 Error Page. 

You're going out in the marketplace looking for these high powered domains with links from authoritative sites with clean backlinks. 

Then they go to a 404 page?

Not anymore.

You're missing out on existing authority that could be tapped into with just a few extra steps.

Look at a recent example from a domain I own... 

See that?

These are multiple pages here with Trust Flow and Citation Flow other than just the home page.

Those are the metrics for each individual page.

Not the overall domain.

And most never look at these metrics of these inner pages.

Or for that matter even know they're there!

Not only does this help you after you purchase to get more power from your PBN's but also when you dig a little deeper in your initial research, you'll uncover domains that many others just skipped over. 

When you see this, it's like putting on an old jacket and finding an extra $20 bill that you'd forgotten about.

But, now that you know what to look for we've got...

I want to show you a unique and better approach...

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